Personalized nutrition for the young: the NUTRISHIELD approach

Personalized nutrition for the young: the NUTRISHIELD approach

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There is a general expectation from society that food will be safe, healthy and promote wellbeing. Therefore, several research activities aims at capitalizing on new technologies and scientific knowledge towards this goal. Also, among all population groups, there one which is unquestionably the top priority: children. The EU-funded project NUTRISHIELD (No 818110, aims at creating a personalised platform for the young by creating a fact-based approach.

Brief overview of the project: The new platform aims to promote safe food for the (young) population, while enabling users to make informed choices and ensuring that the proposed choices will have good chance of being adopted. The NUTRISHIELD innovative solution, provides personalized nutrition advice and support that will assist people in achieving their optimal health and well-being and adopting long-term healthy and sustainable diets.
To achieve its goals, NUTRISHIELD integrates a set of novel approaches and technologies in a holistic scheme. NUTRISHIELD make use of state-of-the-art ICT tools; this includes advanced algorithms, an AI-based approach, as well as a user-friendly app for smart phones aiming to develop a personalized nutrition platform that people want to use. Furthermore, the fact-based approach necessitates the recording and analyzing of data of high value and impact to be processed by the platform. A set of novel analysers and biomarkers analysis are part of the NUTRISHIELD approach. Based on findings, the platform then uses ICT, by expanding existing nutrition assistive mobile apps, in order to provide feedback and steering people towards a better nutrition. The new analysers assess biomarkers relevant to personalized nutrition at increased analysis speed, accuracy and convenient operation: a novel breath analyser (methane, hydro cyanide) and a novel human milk analyser (proteins casein, α-lactalbumin) make use of state-of-the-art laser technology, while a urine analyser (pH, creatinine) capitalizes on recent finding in both mid-IR laser technology and printed sensors. The new devices will be used in the NUTRISHIELD clinical studies for the mass recording of meaningful data to be processed. Finally, NUTRISHIELD encompasses a set of further biomarkers analysis (microbiome, genomics, vitamin analysis, metabolomics, and more) to identify correlation between biomarkers and personalized nutrition.
NUTRISHIELD will support the execution of 3 validation studies in clinical settings: 1. Personalised nutrition of young individuals (8-18 years of age) with obesity and/or diabetes, 2. Personalised nutrition of lactating mothers and human milk analysis with focus on prematurely born infants, 3. Personalised nutrition of young individuals (8-18 years of age) aiming at avoiding the development of cognitive decline.

Current status of the project: Currently (November 2020), the NUTRISHIELD consortium is excited to announce that as the project entered its 3rd year (a total duration of 4 years), the validation activities at clinical studies are about to begin. The development of both the ICT tools and the novel analysers have progressed and the protocols and specifications for the biomarkers analysis have been set. By the end of 2020, the clinical partners will enroll the first patients and the NUTRISHIELD technological advances will be demonstrated outside the lab, at the field, for the benefit of children.

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