Stance4Health - The benefits of a smart personalized nutrition concept

Stance4Health - The benefits of a smart personalized nutrition concept

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Athens, 9th of September

The Stance4Health project partners met at ATTIKON General University Hospital with several researchers, doctors and practitioners to unravel the benefits of a smart personalized nutrition concept, the unique concept introduced by our project. The workshop was hosted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). Delegates were welcomed by professor Kostas Priftis, the dean of the institution and Professor José A. Rufián-Henares (University of Granada, Spain), made a general introduction of the project.

Through a series of scientific lectures, aimed at presenting the most up to date findings of the research done so far, the audience was step by step closer to discovering how a personalized diet based on each individual’s gut microbiota needs can be the solution to avoiding unhealthy dietary patterns leading to an increase in non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and the metabolic syndrome (WHO, no date).

From FISABIO research center (Valencia, Spain) molecular biologist M. Pilar Francino opened the series of presentation with a lecture on Gut microbiota and child health and PhD student Alberto M. Lerma-Aguilera on In vitro evaluation of the effects of different foods on the gut microbiota.  Next speakers were Professor Francisco J. Planes (University of Navarra, Spain) with a talk on Gut microbiota metabolic networks and personalized nutrition, Sergio Pérez-Burillo (University of Granada, Spain), on the Effect of gut microbiota on the release of antioxidant capacity of foods, Dr. Fabio Lauria (Institute of Food Sciences of the National Research Council, Italy) on The role of nutrition and physical activity in childhood obesity and lastly Professor Kostas Douros (NKUA, Greece) on Μicrobiome and food allergy in children. The innovative products of our project partner RMFarmamédical, named Metacliniq and AlcaLip, which are used in the project trials, were also presented.

All in all, a very exciting half a day! We thank all for the participation and the rich discussions.
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