Stance4Health Unique Concept – Parents’ Workshop

Stance4Health Unique Concept – Parents’ Workshop

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It is already demonstrated that most parents do not have a good knowledge of the nutritional composition and ingredients of the foods they purchase for their children. They are also unaware of the impact of the consumption of certain foods on their child's diet. Imagine if the child is also suffering from obesity, or an intolerance!

With this in mind, our Stance4Health smart owl traveled to Athens to support our partners in helping hundreds of children to improve their nutrition habits, and thus a second very interesting workshop took place in the afternoon of the 9th of September 2022, alongside the annual Stance4Health meeting. This workshop was also hosted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) at Attikon General University Hospita.

Several parents and their children attended this satellite workshop which was a great opportunity to disclose, in a simple language, the importance of personalized nutrition, the uniqueness of the project approach, the benefits of using the app as well as key aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Participants were welcomed by professor Kostas Priftis (NKUA, Athens). Then, the coordinator of the S4H project, Professor José A. Rufián-Henares (University of Granada, Spain), made a general introduction to the project and then Dr. Olympia Sardeli (NKUA, Greece) presented the steps that each participant follows with the fecal samples they give, the smart application they should follow and the supplements they receive. In particular, she focused on the correct way to use the smart app to plan the child's daily diet. Specific details regarding the intervention, the supplements and the foods recommended by the application were also clarified. Parents showed a lively interest and had many questions. They asked about each child's diet preferences, sports activities and any medications that may need to be given. The need for children to comply with the proposed diet and its flexibility was emphasized. An extensive discussion with the research team followed.

All participants enjoyed the workshop which lasted more than two hours. It was clear that such initiatives help very much in the success of the project, since each of the steps implemented are evaluated through feedback in practice.
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