Work Package 2 Progress - Development Of Food Databases

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Work package 2 is responsible to “feed” the i-Diet application with as much data as possible and now it is almost finished.

Besides providing a lot of databases of different countries which are including macro- and micronutrients of raw, as well as of processed foods, we had to check more than 100.000 recipes of typical national and international dishes for their suitability for home cooking.

Since the i-Diet app should be used in intervention studies, it is necessary to include food image databased with pictures of different food portion sizes for an easy estimation of the consumed amount of food.

With the help of Spanish retailers, we were able to obtain also a bar code database which makes it possible to only scan the barcode in a shop or a fast food restaurant and obtain nutritional information about the meal.

This work was only successful since all work package 2 members worked together and the work package 3 team converted all databases in electronic readable files.
Work Package 2 Progress - Development Of Food Databases
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