Work Package 3 Progress - Development Of Dietetic Software For Consumers (i-Diet)

Work Package 3 Progress - Development Of Dietetic Software For Consumers (i-Diet)

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Work package 3 comprises many different tasks to be carried out and with different development speeds. The first task was the definition of user stories, with the collaboration of our work packages 4 and 6 partners. That is, what requirements each user needs and how they will relate to the app.

In the meantime, we started analyzing food information that we should use and we found out that the databases are not standardized, so we decided to try to build our own universal database. It's a very long and tedious job, but we think it will lead us to be able to make much more precise calculations.

Almost in parallel, we started to define the structure of the app's database, a very complex task because it includes a lot of information and, also, we had to explore the elements external to the app's core: wearables options, proof of concept with GPS, etc.

In order to move forward, while the colleagues from other groups work to obtain other components that will be incorporated into the app, we decided to start from the data that the i-Diet professional software works with and then complete the databases with the rest of the information collected. This led to the first design, which we presented at the annual Stance4Health meeting in September 2019. This model has been evolving and is currently taking its first steps with a server connection and generating menus taking into account general parameters. We have a few months of hard work ahead of us, which is very exciting, in order to develop the algorithm and the rest of the app's functionalities until we achieve our dream personalized nutrition system (SNP).

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