Work Package 5 Progress - Customized Production Of Foods

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Partners involved in work package 5:
  • Universidad de Granada (UGR)
  • Fundacion para el fomento de la investigacion sanitaria y biomedica de la comunitat valenciana (FISABIO)
  • SANAVI Sociedad Anonima (SANAVI)
  • RM Farmamedical SL (RMF)
  • Universitaet Hamburg (UHAM)
  • Centro Ricerche per la Chimica Fine Srl (CRCF) (WP leader)
  • Ethniko Kai Kapodistriako Panepistimio Athinon (NKUA)

From the beginning of the project, the 1st October 2018, tannin extracts from different plants has been produced by CRCF and submitted to in-vitro digestion and fermentation. SANAVI formulated a series of commercial products with tannins to allow the evaluation of their biological activity. The tannins extracts have been used, in particular, to produce energy bars and biscuits. Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) (Fig. 1) and metagenomic analyses (Fig. 2) have been done on digested and fermented foods.

Fig. 1: Short Chain Fatty Acid analysis on digested and fermented foods.

Fig. 2: Metagenomic analysis shows relative abundance of microbial genera. Each column represents a community derived from an independent microbiota-based fermentation of a product enriched with different tannin.

After the evaluation of these results, capsules with tannin extracts have been produced. From January 2019, RMF started informing of Stance4Health project all the doctors and pharmacies that they visited, both in hospitals and public and private medical consultations, in the zone of Granada, Spain (Fig. 3). In a short trial of one month, the produced capsules have been administered on a restricted number of people in FISABIO in order to evaluate the metagenomics on feces. In that trial there have been tested the strips-supports of RMF to take and store urine samples for the metabolomic analysis. Alcalip food supplement from RMF, containing alfalipoic acid and acetil L-carnitin, has been used as a commercial reference. Metagenomic analysis is in progress.

Fig. 3: Presentation cover of the S4H project used by RMF during their medical consultations.

SANAVI is setting up a new recipe to produce cocoa based bars containing tannin extract. To do that, different tannins from various natural raw materials and extraction processes have been tested. A sensory evaluation was conducted to determine which are the ones that consumers like most. For that task, a tasting panel has been set to evaluate the acceptance of organoleptic characteristics of the new cocoa bars. It has been decided to use tannin extracts at the maximum dose of 300 mg per bar together with the vitamin and food additive riboflavin from RMF. These will be used for a small nutritional intervention with healthy adults. It will be performed a complete analysis of digestion and fermentation, with SCFA and metagenomic analysis to evaluate their bioactivity.
Work Package 5 Progress - Customized Production Of Foods
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