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Discover Stance4Health through its six specific objectives!

The first three objectives form the foundation of the mobile application (i-Diet app) that will provide personalised dietary advice that meets an individual’s nutritional needs and helps to optimise their gut microbiota.
In the following article, we will showcase the first three objectives, briefly explaining each of them and their role within Stance4Health project.

  1. Design an algorithm to provide personalised dietary advice based on a person’s gut microbiota
In order for the app to provide personalised dietary advice, Stance4Health researches will develop an algorithm which aims to predict the effects of foods on the gut microbiota. In this way, the dietary recommendations will meet the nutritional needs of the individual and beneficially modify their gut microbiota. The algorithm will be created using research data already avaliable in the litarature and new data generated along the project, which will address how cooking methods and nutrients present in foods can impact the gut microbiota. The algorithm will be validated through the use of laboratory (or in vitro) diagnostic tools as well as in three different validation trials in adults and children.

  2. Design a food composition database to integrate into the app
In order for Stance4Health researchers to monitor the nutritional composition of the diet, a food composition database with information on raw, cooked and typical daily dishes from Germany, Greece and Spain (where the validation trials will take place) will be created. In addition, barcode scanning of foods sold in spanish retailers will help reduce the burden on users to track their food intake.

  3. Design a user-friendly personalised nutrition app (i-Diet app)
The i-Diet app will be designed in a user-friendly way to help promote effective behaviour change. It will include a personalised menu log which provides tailored recipes to meet the personalised nutrition needs of the user, as defined by the algorithm. If recipe modifications are made, the menu will recalculate the meal composition and provide tips to redirect users to healthy habits. This feature will also help monitor participants adherence to their personalised advice.
The i-Diet app will also be able to connect with a wireless smart band which will allow users and the research team to track physical activity levels, sleep time and body composition.

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